Great Blue Heron Nesting Sites

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One of the iconic birds of the Gulf Coast is the majestic Great Blue Heron, with its striking colors, the graceful seep of its long neck, and the elegant stride of the wader. To assist the health of this beloved species and insure the future of the Christmas Bay population, Dr Richard Baldauf, Director of Education at the Houston Museum of Natural Science constructed elevated nesting platforms for Great Blue Herons to be installed at sites on Bird Island. The CBF assisted with transportation by boat and installation of the platforms. The CBF took on the responsibility of checking on the sites and documenting nesting activities and chick maturation.
Unfortunately, all sites were destroyed by Hurricane Ike. The CBF will be following up with TP&WD to determine how to proceed with a future nesting program for the Great Blue Heron. When a program is finalized, CBF will announce it in the press and on this site, with opportunities for how you can assist.